Choices Planner Assessment

Coahoma Community Colleges’ Career Services Center has CHOICES PLANNER available for all students. The CHOICES PLANNER will help assist students with Career Planning, Work Interests, Skills Assessments, Resume Builder, and Scholarship Searches.


Go to  (click on Post-Secondary Student & Adults)

Click on the Portfolio Name tab under Student Sign In, and then click on the Create a new portfolio link. 

  1. Select county (Coahoma) from drop-down menu.
  2. Select School: Coahoma Community College
  3. Select student from drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your required information, including your first and last name, year of birth, and gender.
  5. Enter your student number.  If you do not remember it, enter 0.
  6. Select the year you plan on graduating.
  7. Use your e-mail address as your portfolio name.
  8. Choose an easy to remember password.
  9. Complete the optional fields with your email address.
  10. Click on Create Your Portfolio to start automatically saving all career- planning information into Your Portfolio.

For more details contact Trina Cox at (662) 621-4674 or