Mr. Coahoma Community College


Serving as your 2019-2020 Mr. CCC, I welcome you with open arms to join me here at Coahoma Community College. Coahoma Community College’s President, Faculty, Staff, and Students are held to higher expectations. At TigerNation, we strive to better ourselves inside and outside the classroom and in every aspect of our lives. My personal motto is that...Leaders are born, made, and shaped on our campus because at some point in your life every leader has to follow. You are expected to fulfill every responsibility that comes your way because not only do you represent your family, you represent Coahoma Community College, any extracurricular activity program you’re involved in, and as well as yourself. Let’s kick the school year off on a high note and end on an even higher note!

Welcome to Tiger Nation!!

Russell Furr, Jr.
Mr. Coahoma Community College 2019-2020