Workforce Women's Emergency Fund

Women's Foundation of Mississippi

The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi has awarded Coahoma Community College with a $25,000 per year for the next two years to assist CCC female students beyond the aid received by MI-BEST, public assistance, and other means of financial income.

Historically, students have sought assistance for transportation costs such as gas, automotive repairs, childcare, light bills, and etc. and there was not an avenue to assist. This project is designed to meet those needs for women.

The CCCwwef grant was established to provide assistance to students at risk of not continuing their education due to unexpected financial dilemmas. The targeted population would include women who are enrolled in CCC who are single parents, low-income, unemployed, non-traditional students, those that are eligible for TANF/public assistance, and veterans.

CCCwwef funds are not intended to supplement financial aid awards or allow early access to financial aid refunds. All decisions are final pending committee approval.

NeKedra Blockett
Coaching and Development Specialist
Phone: 662-621-4139

Application for Assistance

Assistance Guidelines

If you in need of assistance, please complete the following form and someone will contact you with more details about the application process.