Edie Furniss Scholarship

THE EDIE FURNISS LPN SCHOLARSHIP is annual $500 cash award given to a graduating Practical Nursing candidate who is over 25 years of age and who has overcome many obstacles to receive his/her degree. The Edie Furniss LPN Scholarship was established in1993 by State Senator Delma Furniss in honor of his wife who received her LPN degree at 31 and the RN degree at age 34.

Contact the Practical Nursing Office for more information.


Dr. Roger Weiner Associate Degree and Practical Nursing Scholarship
Application Packs may be obtained at Coahoma Community College’s (CCC) Allied Health Training Center. 

Eligibility requirements include:

  1. current enrollment in CCC’s Associate Degree or Practical Nursing program
  2. successful completion of twelve (12) hours prior to application
  3. must not have sanction(s) on file for disciplinary reasons
  4. must demonstrate a financial need.


Robert Swatzell Health Science Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to those students enrolled in a certificate or degree program offered in the Health Science Division. These funds are stipulated for students with no other means of financial assistance.