This course focuses on application of the nursing process in the care of the childbearing family. This course also focuses on children from birth through adolescence (age 18) who may be experiencing an acute or chronic illness, born with a congenital defect/disease or experiencing a problem with normal development and maturation. Normal growth and development, physical assessment, nutrition, parenting skills and scheduled immunizations for well children are addressed. In addition, the course includes application of the nursing process in specific medical-surgical health disorders across the life span. Medication administration, communication skills, and clinical reasoning are emphasized throughout the course. Pre-requisites: NUR 2013, NUR 2124. Credits: 8 credit hours/6 theory and 2 clinical. (6 theory clock hours per week and 2 clinical clock hours per week with lab hour ratio 1 to 3; 90 total theory
clock hours 90 total clinical clock hours