Mission & Goals


Mission Statement 
Business and Related Office technology is a two-year program of study which requires courses in the career technical core, designated areas of concentration, and the academic core. The Associate of Applied Science degree is earned upon successful completion of the Office Systems Technology, Accounting Technology, Medical Office Technology and Medical Billing and Coding curriculum. The program provides a foundation for students to enter the job market and/or transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a specialized degree in the field.

Department Goals

  1. Expose student to a broad overview of the entire office function. 
  2. Give student an opportunity to investigate the integration of systems, people, and technology.
  3. Exposure student to career options available within the office which involves the coordination of people, equipment, and resources.
  4. Give student an opportunity to recognize the relationship between worker and supervisor
  5. Provide student with a concentration of skills in a specific area.