Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support (COMPASS)

What is the Compass Test?
The COMPASS test is a Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support that was developed by ACT to help postsecondary institutions place students into appropriate course levels. 

What is the purpose of the COMPASS TEST?
The COMPASS placement test is utilized to determine student’s academic readiness for college-level courses.  The COMPASS scores are not used to determine whether a student passes or fails a course; however, they are utilized only to determine a student’s current skill-level in the area tested in order to be placed appropriately.

Who takes the COMPASS Placement Test?

  1. The COMPASS is required for students under the age of twenty-one (21) who have not taken the ACT test.  Even if a student has taken the ACT Residual for admission to Coahoma Community College, the student must take the COMPASS before registering for classes.

  2. Students who have taken the ACT and submitted their scores to the Office of Admissions and Records may elect to take the COMPASS in order to challenge placement in a Math, Reading, or English course.

  3. Students over the age of twenty-one (21), who have not taken the ACT arestrongly encouraged to take the full battery of the COMPASS test BEFOREregistering for college-level courses. If a student enrolls in a college-level course and does not have the skills needed to succeed in that course, the student will be referred to further testing, advising, and placement including taking the COMPASS. 

When and where will the COMPASS Placement Test be given?
The COMPASS test is given during registration each semester and during summer Orientation.  Click here to see this year’s Academic Calendar.  Times, dates, and locations are posted on the following: here, on bulletin boards, and in the Schedule Planner (printed each semester).

Students living with a disability who need to take the COMPASS test must request services from the ADA/504 Coordinator Office a semester prior to enrolling to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided in a timely manner.  The ADA/504 Office requires documentation of disability for which the student is requesting accommodations.  To make this request, contact Michael Houston for additional information at (662) 621-4853 or

How much time does the COMPASS test require, and what is a student allowed to bring to the test center?    
You should allow approximately two hours for the entire COMPASS Test (English, Math and Reading).  The COMPASS Test is a self-paced, computerized test.  Therefore, some students may require more or less time than indicated above to successfully complete the assessment.

All students MUST bring the following items on the day of test:

  • Student MUST have a photo ID (Valid Drivers License/School/or State ID)
  • Students MUST have a Clearance Permit from the Admission and Records Office.  Students who have taken the ACT must have their ACT Test Scores for (English, Math, and Reading) on the Clearance Permit. 

Students can bring a calculator to the test center as long as the calculator meets the Compass requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to access the COMPASS website, to determine what calculator is permissible.  Students can use the calculator only during the Math Test.  Calculators will be checked by the Administrator or Proctors.   

Students MUST report 15 minutes early

Cheating and Plagiarism
Students who give or receive help during the Compass Placement Test, use notes, or aid of any kind, or remove test material from the testing center will not be admitted to the institution, and their test scores will be voided.  See Cheating and Plagiarism Policy College Catalog.

Placement Requirements

How will the Compass Placement Test Scores be used?
Students will pick up their results from the test administrator or proctor upon completion of the test.  The scores will be used for placement purpose only.  Your scores will be explained to you, and you will be provided two (2) copies of your scores: one for the admission office to satisfy admission requirements and one for your advisor to use when selecting your courses for the term.  Your scores will also be utilized to place students in either college-level courses or fundamental courses to retain the student as well as to help the student achieve academic success.

Purpose of Fundamental Courses
The purpose of fundamental courses is to help students succeed in college-level courses.  The courses are designed to enhance students’ academic skills.


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