What does a Counselor do?


An academic counselor does the following:

  • Provides advice and assistance to students regarding academic matters.  
  • Helps students develop a course schedule that will allow them to meet degree requirements.
  • Connects students with disability services so they can get the accommodations they need.
  • Informs students of the requirements for graduation and the prerequisites for various programs.
  • Assists students who are preparing to apply to four-year institutions.


The Process of Academic Counseling

When a student approaches an academic counselor for assistance, the counselor can pull up the student's records and use them as a reference during counseling sessions. The student is asked about the needs that brought him or her to the counselor's office, and the counselor will work with the student on a strategy for resolving issues. For example, a student may be failing a course and needs assistance. The counselor's responsibility is to direct the student to tutorial sessions, the resource lab, or conferences with instructors during office hours. The counselor is an advocate who is interested in the student’s development an overall academic success.