CCC Honors Program applications now available
CLARKSDALE – Coahoma Community College’s Honors College is now seeking intellectually curious students to apply to its most strenuous academic program.

CCC Honors Program applications now available

Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations; (662) 621-4061 - Brittany Davis-Green - bdavis@coahomacc.edu


Wed Jun 1, 2016

CLARKSDALE – Coahoma Community College’s Honors College is now seeking intellectually curious students to apply to its most strenuous academic program.

CCC’s Honors College is designed to cater to those students seeking an additional challenge during their tenure at Coahoma. Through rigorous and thought-provoking curriculum, the program exposes students to critical thinking and debate skills necessary to succeed in any educational endeavor. 

“Our students take deep dives into current issues and learn about themselves and the world around them,” said Jeremy Pittman, CCC’s Honors College coordinator.

Since it’s implementation during the Spring 2015 semester, the program has featured some of Coahoma’s best and brightest students. When asked about his experience with CCC’s Honors College, recent graduate Justin Johnson of Clarksdale said the program equipped with him the leadership skills necessary to succeed at the next level.

“Being in this program has shed light on more areas than one. It’s so vast and full of variety that it easily triumphs all other classes I’ve taken,” Johnson said. “This class not only taught me about leadership, but it taught me about politics, fallacies, networking, and learning about myself. … it’s given me an environment to become tomorrow’s leader and insight to surviving in today’s society post-college.”

Freshman Hertayshia Thomas said she too feels the program is preparing her for academic leadership.

“I’ve learned and gained a lot of knowledge from the class discussions, the debates, the reflections, and the articles and exercises that we have done in class,” she said. “The debates helped me to recognize others opinions on certain issues and see why they chose their point of view, and the reflections helped me to think about what we discussed or read and gave me the ability to write down how I felt after discussing and reading about issues.”

According to Pittman, the program’s activities have included attending the Mississippi Black Leadership Summit in Jackson, MS and hosting the first honors college colloquia, entitled “Overcoming Ethical Challenges”. 

The program will now be expanding its focus and reach to tackle other topics such as income disparity, poverty, and engagement in the political process during the upcoming school term.

“It’s been an amazing year,” said Pittman. “We had several students to graduate and pull off our first in a series of seminars designed to enlighten and empower our community … I have been honored to work with such amazing students.”

The Honors Program is open to all recent high school graduates, freshmen, and transfer students.

To enroll in the Honors College, you need the following credentials:

  • Graduate from the top 5% of your class
  • 3.25 Cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • ACT composite score 20 or better or SAT combined score 1200 or better (critical reading + math) for entering freshmen.
  • Seeking an Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degree
  • Sophomores who have satisfied admission requirements will automatically qualify for enrollment.
  • Have met all other requirements for admission to Coahoma Community College

Applications are now available to the Honors College program from Delores Richard, CCC assistant director of admissions, and are due by Aug. 5. Richard can be contacted via phone at (662) 621-4176 or e-mail at dmrichard@coahomacc.edu. Acceptance to the program is determined by an admissions committee. 

 Application requirements include:

  • Submission of a copy of high school transcript or college transcripts from previous colleges attended (if you have already submitted transcripts & test scores to this Admissions Office, it is not necessary to send a second copy).
  • Submit copy of ACT/SAT test scores.
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendations: 1) high school teacher /counselor or college administrator 2) community leader.
  • Provide a 500-word profile essay; computer generated, typed doubled space using 12-point font.

 For questions or more information about the CCCs Honor Program, contact Pittman at japittman@coahomacc.edu.