What’s next for outgoing majorette captain?


What’s next for outgoing majorette captain?

Aerial Glasper led the Dancing Jewels as captain of the marching band squad. Now, she’s bound for the University of Mississippi. The math lover has attained her associate degree in banking and finance. She will be attending Ole Miss on a full scholarship.

What’s next for outgoing majorette captain?

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Thu Jun 11, 2020


She led the Dancing Jewels as captain of the marching band squad. Now, she’s bound for the University of Mississippi and plans to attend in August if COVID-19 does not delay the school’s reopening.

“I’m both excited and nervous about my next steps,” said Aerial Glasper, a recent honor graduate of Coahoma Community College.

After graduating from high school, Glasper chose to stay close to home and continue her education. She is proud to have kept the Tiger tradition going in her family. Glasper was introduced to the Tiger culture early; she got a snippet of what was to come with the Baby Tigers, a group of mini majorettes ranging from age 6 to 10.

Glasper is proud to have interned with Higher Purpose Co. over the past few years. Last spring, she was announced the first official intern of Higher Purpose Co., a wealth-building non-profit organization aiming to play a role in sustaining black-owned businesses. She has learned bookkeeping skills and has provided assistance for community events as well as the sale of Higher Purpose apparel. For her, the internship was a chance to grow.

“As an intern, I’ve attended several meetings, and I have witnessed many extraordinary ideas being passed around the table,” said Glasper.

In 2018, Glasper graduated from Clarksdale High School the salutatorian of her class. The math lover has attained her associate degree in banking and finance. The 2020 graduate was an active member of Coahoma’s Honors College and the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. She hopes to become a business analyst.

Glasper describes the work environment of her internship as a safe place where she can vocalize her ideas.

“I’ve been shaped to the perspective that every idea is a good one, regardless if it helps the situation or not,” she added.

“I have learned how to be professional and I’ve been exposed to a variety of professional settings.”

Working with Higher Purpose has broadened her knowledge of the racial gap in Mississippi and has sparked her interest in business finance and economics. With her internship coming to an end, she anticipates the road ahead.

“It’s now time for my next journey in life to begin,” said Glasper. “This is the moment I’ve been waiting on all my life—to go off to school and finally get to see what life is outside of home. I know that I will experience things, and I’m ready to conquer everything life has in store.”

Coahoma has prepped her for the pursuit of more significant goals at the University of Mississippi. She has learned better time management. Having gained independence, she is ready to use the skills acquired at Coahoma as a “building block” for future success at Ole Miss.

Glasper says earning her associate degree has had a significant impact on her, giving her a great deal of confidence and motivation. She views it as a major milestone.

Additionally, the Honors College surrounded her with determined, brilliant, and kind students who were not much different from her.

“Being in Honors College was a humbling and awesome experience,” said Glasper. “I honestly met some amazing people that I know will be successful in the future.”

The Honors College director and instructors were also fantastic, she added. Through the program, she tapped into new topics, including leadership.

Glasper will miss the enjoyment of performing as a majorette. For her, dance was a channel of self-expression.

“The Marching Maroon Typhoon is the best band in the Delta, and I’m so happy that I spent both of my years in that family,” she expressed, adding that she found long-term friendships in the extracurricular activity.

Although she anticipated an in-person commencement ceremony, being recognized in the College’s virtual graduation was gratifying.

“The virtual graduation ceremony was great,” she said. “I love how it was done in a timely manner. I felt like I was part of a real graduation ceremony as me and my family watched it together.” 

Glasper has been offered a full ride to Ole Miss. She says of her forthcoming quest, “I’m very excited to see where this journey will lead me.”