SGA Vice President Credits Campus Organizations for Growth

Terriyana Simmons

SGA Vice President Credits Campus Organizations for Growth

Joining clubs and organizations at Coahoma Community College allowed Student Government Association vice president Terriyana Simmons the opportunity to network and learn herself.

SGA Vice President Credits Campus Organizations for Growth

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Fri May 15, 2020

Terriyana SimmonsAlthough Terriyana Simmons bravely developed her talents and gifts through extracurricular activities in high school, it took a little longer for her to believe in her ability to lead. It wasn’t until her senior year that she got involved in student government at Cordova High School.

“In high school, I was a very quiet individual and only spoke up when needed,” she said.

A well-rounded student, Simmons played on both the volleyball and basketball teams. She also sang in the school choir, but she was never the outspoken person who stood out from her counterparts.

“Once I got to CCC, things changed for me,” Simmons said. “I was able to come out of my shell and open up a bit more.”

It was the College’s choir program that swayed the Memphis-bred student toward the Mississippi Delta. She did not consider keeping music a part of her life until she found out about Coahoma Community College.

While the choral program is known to hold numerous rehearsals, Simmons realizes the vocal practice pays off when she finds smiling faces in the audience.

She thanks her friend for talking her into auditioning.

“Mr. Towers reached back out to me and granted me the opportunity to be a part of something great,” she expressed. “Being in the choir at CCC is such a joy.”

Joining clubs and organizations at Coahoma Community College allowed her the opportunity to network and learn herself. She integrated into the campus community quite smoothly. Simmons joined the Student Government Association and ended up serving as vice president, securing a spot on the royal court as Miss Sophomore was the sprinkles on top.

“It was such a gratifying feeling to know that the student body trusted me to serve as a liaison and advocate for them,” said Simmons.

With intelligence as well as a spunky personality to match, Simmons, a spring 2020 graduate, met the standards for serving as a spokesperson and representative of the student body.

She and other members of the Student Government Association assisted with organizing student events.

“Being the vice president of the Student Government Association is one of my most cherished experiences,” she said.

“I best fulfilled my duties by acting out our motto, “under-promise, over-deliver.” I also had the help of the other members. We all work together to make sure things are getting done effectively and efficiently.”

Fulltime involvement in extracurricular activities taught her time management. She has learned that a balanced schedule is key in maintaining her academic studies.

Simmons is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and the Phi Chi Psi choir society. During her sophomore year, she was awarded a $600 scholarship from the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium for remarkable academic success.

An unforgettable highlight from her time as a CCC Tiger was attending a student leadership institute called NASAP, the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals, in Savannah, Georgia, along with other student leaders from HBCUs.

“I got to network and learn with students who were just like me. That opportunity allowed me to bring back so many ideas and knowledge to CCC,” she recounted.

Simmons says Coahoma uncovered her true educational calling. The Student Government Association has sparked her interest in the business profession. Hoping to gain employment in the lucrative industry, she plans to begin studying business and economics at the University of Memphis in the fall.