PeopleShores Advances Four Coahoma Community College Alumni

PeopleShores Alumni

Coahoma Alums Find Success with PeopleShores

Since establishing an office location in Clarksdale, the PeopleShores tech company has created job opportunities for a wide age range of Mississippi Deltans.

Coahoma Alumni Find Success with PeopleShores

Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations; (662) 621-4057 - Melody Dixon


Thu Feb 6, 2020

PeopleShores Alumni
From left to right: J. W. Webster, office manager of PeopleShores Clarksdale center; Sharlette Keaton; Marquisha Lester; Spencer George

Since establishing an office location in Clarksdale, the PeopleShores tech company has created job opportunities for a wide age range of Mississippi Deltans.

PeopleShores is a for-profit business seeking to plant technology-based jobs in underserved communities throughout the country by employing the business practice of impact sourcing, which provides career development to the employees.

Its Clarksdale office, located at 1540 Desoto Ave., consists of a support team that eliminates the small tasks of the company's corporate customers to help make them more efficient and productive workers.

The company has changed the lives of four former students of Coahoma Community College for the better. J. W. Webster, Marquisha Lester, Sharlette Keaton, and Spencer George have adopted a new outlook on life. They are all bot developers on an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) team for PeopleShores.

RPA, a robotic software, imitates the way humans operate their computers, use applications, and carry out processes. It automates front and back-office operations.

According to the director of the PeopleShores Clarksdale center, Darryl Pieroni, the Mississippi employees carry out digital transformation services. They are tasked with machine learning services like image and data capturing, tech-enabled services, and cybersecurity services for fraud and threat detection.

24-year-old Marquisha Lester, who studied social work at Coahoma and graduated in 2015, also aids in teaching new employees as a certified trainer. Lester, who joined the staff when the center opened, has been working there for a year now. She is thankful to be on a career path.

"I can see the doors, the different alleyways to the different positions and accomplishments in the near future," said Lester.

"I'm not slaving myself. I'm home every weekend. I make nice pay."

Lester will be traveling outside of the country to train workers for a month at RuralShores, another branch of the company located in India.

Five years from now, she envisions herself training at a new PeopleShores office.

Sharlette Keaton, who was only looking to become self-sufficient while a non-traditional student at Coahoma Community College (2008-2010), serves as an RPA bot developer, RPA team leader, and trainer.

"I, along with three other team members, develop bot software for a few large logistics companies throughout the state of Mississippi as well as other surrounding states," Keaton detailed. She notices the confidence boost PeopleShores has given her.

"It makes me feel part of something. It gives me self worth," Keaton added.

Spencer George, 23, said his training for the bot developer position with the company involved "a computer and eight hours a day for two straight weeks." The somewhat challenging training included online classes that taught downloading software.

After George quit his job at a fast-food restaurant to work for PeopleShores, he started noticing a joy in going to work every morning.

"I go to bed thinking about PeopleShores; I wake up thinking about PeopleShores, and every time I get off work, I think about how I can do a better job the next day," said George. He first completed the College's automotive technology program in 2016, a field he considered to be a fallback career. George also completed the accounting program in 2018.

J. W. Webster supervises PeopleShores' Clarksdale location as the office manager. He has also taken on human resources responsibilities. When he began his journey with the company on January 17, 2019, it was a pivotal moment for him.

"It's given me the opportunity not to have to travel to make money," said Webster. "It gave me an opportunity for a career right here at home. I was able to get out of the military and stay out of the military."

Webster spent four years in the Marine Corps and five and a half years in the U.S. Army. He attended Coahoma Community College as a non-traditional student and graduated in 2007.

He describes PeopleShores as a large electrical distribution and processing company.

"We build bots, computer-generated software robots that take the mundane and everyday repetitive tasks that someone really doesn't want to do, and we create a bot that will do that task," said Webster.

The company's clients include Google/Accenture, Microsoft/Q Analysts, Transform AI, Horne, and Appen. The Clarksdale center currently employs about 20 workers.

Pieroni, who also serves as the company's vice president of business development, said their goal is to grow a staff of 200 employees at the center in the next two years.

"PeopleShores is bringing Silicon Valley jobs to the Delta," said Pieroni.