Hunter, Gordon Awarded with April 2019 Employee of the Month Recognition

Hunter, Gordon Awarded April 2019 Employees of the Month

Carolyn Hunter, an administrative assistant with a four-year tenure and Emily Gordon, an LPN instructor with 13 years of service have been named April's Employees of the Month.

Hunter, Gordon Awarded April 2019 Employees of the Month

Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations; (662) 621-4057 - Melody Dixon


Wed Apr 17, 2019

Carolyn Hunter

Carolyn Hunter, an administrative assistant in the Division of Student Engagement with a four-year tenure at Coahoma Community College, describes her job as loveable. 

As an employee in a department that works closely with students, her hope is that everyone within her department share the exact same vision for students and are dedicated to the mission of CCC.

Hunter is a natural at finding solutions to problems, a trait that makes her stand out. Once a deadline is met, she uses the accomplishment as fuel to get more tasks completed. 

She is married to Jeffery Hunter and is a mother of three: Gregory, Yasmin and Mya. 

Celebrated as an Employee of the Month for April, Hunter enjoys learning new things and being a team player to ensure tasks are carried out successfully. Her position has allowed her to encounter and interact with different cultures. That point she finds very enjoyable. 

A native of Carthage, Mississippi, who has been a Clarksdalean for 22 years now, the CCC campus has become a location in which she can comfortably engage with others. 

“It’s the place that treats you like family,” Hunter said. 

Hunter is a member of Damascus Missionary Baptist Church where she is under the leadership of Pastor Anthony Jones.


Emily Gordon 

Emily Gordon is an LPN instructor for the Practical Nursing program of the Health Science department who has served as an educator at Coahoma Community College for 13 years. 

Gordon creates a nurturing environment for her students, so that they can freely and comfortably bring resolve to their confusion with class material taught. 

“I try to put myself in their place; I remember, as a student nurse, how intimidated I was,” Gordon said, adding that she would refrain from going to her instructor for help. 

She desires to always be an instructor whom students can unashamedly approach for answers, or at least guidance and direction. 

Gordon is inspired to persist with successful teaching when she takes students from the point of struggling with their coursework to actually understanding the lesson. 

Aiming to make the classroom enjoyable and fun, she helps students make their best grades by tasking them with relaxation exercises where they stand and shake off their nerves before taking a test.

Gordon has been married to husband Larry for almost 47 years. They have two adult sons and one granddaughter.

A native of Clarksdale, Gordon said she has been warmly welcomed to CCC and is always representing the institution by telling others what it has to offer. She tells them about how good the Health Science programs pass rates are.

“As an instructor, I am very caring and nonjudgmental when it comes to my babies,” she said. “My students, they come so raw…I want them to know that I’m there for them through the whole process. So I want them to be able to approach me with anything, no matter how simple or difficult it may be.” 

Gordon said being chosen an Employee of the Month for the month of April is very meaningful and she is extremely appreciative of the nomination.

With the purchase of a new RV, she has adventurously started the recreational hobby of camping. After being a motorcycle driver and enthusiast for several years, her current hobbies include walking and lifting weights. She is also an animal lover.

“I’m always trying to do for stray animals,” she said.