Welcome Back Students

Welcome Home, Tigers!

Classes are back in session, the hustle and bustle of college life in full swing. In the spirit of promoting a stress-free semester, Coahoma Community College shouts out a huge, heartwarming ‘Welcome!’ to new students and a pleasant ‘Welcome Back’ to returning students.

Welcome Home, Tigers!

Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations; (662) 621-4157 - Melody Dixon


Wed Aug 22, 2018

Welcome Back StudentsClasses are back in session, the hustle and bustle of college life in full swing. In the spirit of promoting a stress-free semester, Coahoma Community College shouts out a huge, heartwarming ‘Welcome!’ to new students and a pleasant ‘Welcome Back’ to returning students.

Class of 2020, we wish you smooth sailing. Stay optimistic and open-minded. Class of 2019, be confident in your ability to finish strong. Go get ‘em, Tiger!

The New Student Orientation held on Aug. 3 gave students a glimpse into the college experience that lies ahead. For the team building exercises, students participated in games that mimicked the “Minute to Win It” game show. Some grouped up to compete against each other while the rest of the students looked on to see who could successfully stack a tower of red cups the quickest, and one group to build a tall, neat creation out of index cards. These short games proved which techniques would work best in the classroom.

 To kick off the event, President Towner, Clarksdale mayor Chuck Espy, CCC alumnus, state Rep. Orlando Paden and Coahoma County supervisor Paul Pearson delivered some words of wisdom to newcomers; most of the attendees were members of the band, choir, and sports teams. Willie Petty, Jr., an associate minister overseeing the young adult ministry at Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Southaven, a Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member and Regions Bank manager encouraged students to always have a plan, reflecting on his initial career option to work at the post office. He ended up earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing at Mississippi State University.

Parents engaged in a separate meeting with staff members while students and orientation leaders took their lunch break in the cafeteria. A “disc jockey” blasted their favorite tunes as they dined together. The music got them even more amped about continuing their education.

“Take the high road,” said CCC sophomore Yasmine Hunter, of the advice she received from the speakers at Orientation.

“I learned that you have to have a plan and you should not give up,” she said. “You should always go forward with your plan and always have an A, B and C plan. Don’t run out of options because you’re going to go through obstacles.”

Commuters can relax during the time between classes in the Commuters Lounge located on the first floor of the Zee A. Barron Student Union.

CCC Director of Student Engagement Karen Done is glad to be able to meet the needs of students this school year in order so that they will have great end results for each semester.

“I am delighted to share that the Division of Student Engagement has several opportunities for faculty, staff, and the community to assist with student success,” says Done.

For students, the Division of Student Engagement has made available hygiene necessities like deodorant, soap, lotion, detergent, toothbrushes and toothpaste from the toiletry pantry. This supply of donations is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union.

“Our goal is to assist by alleviating any stress outside of the classroom,” Done said.

The career closet is another resource developed by the department to aid students in learning to dress appropriately for their future interviews and job readiness opportunities. The overall aim is to help students encounter success in all facets. Those willing to donate may contact Coordinator of Career Services and Placement Trina Cox.

Student Engagement staff members are also in the early stages of setting up a food pantry.

“Unfortunately, hunger is very prevalent on college campuses, and we want to do our part to ensure that our students’ basic needs are met,” Done stressed. “If you would like to donate, please contact the Division of Student Engagement.”

Coahoma Community College desires to continue being an inclusive institution of higher learning. Therefore, the Division of Student Engagement aids in making the campus a welcoming environment.

Done says, “Students should know that we have many student clubs and organizations that we would like for them to join to continue to keep them engaged on the campus. We have a mentoring program so that our students can become knitted with our faculty and staff.”

The COMPASS Mentoring Program (Communicating Opportunities through Mentoring Practices to Achieve Student Success) was designed for administrators, staff, and faculty to give nurturing guidance to incoming freshmen. It promotes student retention and academic success.

The Tutorial Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 1:30 p.m. until 9 p.m., providing access to computers and tutoring after traditional school day hours. Students lodging on campus can see Patrick Johnson, the coordinator of tutorial services, if they need to utilize the shuttle service offered at no charge from noon until 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.

In addition to these services, Student Engagement director Karen Done presents a healthy challenge that the student body should consider accepting---

During your time at CCC, I want you to remember a clear set of expectations for all members of Tiger Nation. I want to encourage you all to EXCEL, STRETCH, ENGAGE, CHOOSE, and SERVE. This unique CCC challenge encourages you to choose wisely and make decisions that can make you, your families, and this great institution proud. I am confident in your ability to meet the Challenge, and we will do all we can to support you in doing so. We hope you will embrace the Tiger Nation Challenge and:

  • EXCEL academically
  • STRETCH yourself and try something new
  • ENGAGE on campus and in the community
  • CHOOSE to make decisions that will elevate you and your future
  • SERVE the campus and community

College is an amazing time of life—I hope you will make the most of it!

If you would like more information on the student support services offered by the Division of Student Engagement at Coahoma Community College, please contact Mrs. Karen Woods-Done at (662) 621-4153 or kwdone@coahomacc.edu.