Chambers, Davis Selected as Employees of the Month

Employees of the Month for November 2018

Chambers, Davis Selected as Employees of the Month

Buildings and Grounds worker, Robert Chambers, and CCC Polysomnography Technology Director, Kristina Davis, are selected as Employees of the Month for November 2018

Chambers, Davis Selected as Employees of the Month

Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations; (662) 621-4057 - Melody Dixon


Thu Nov 29, 2018

Kristina DavisCCC Polysomnography Technology director Kristina Davis does not back down from a challenge. She is courageously fueled by it.

 “Tell me “You can’t” or “It’s impossible” and I am ready to roll my sleeves up and get things done,” said Davis, who has been employed with Coahoma Community College for nine years.

Davis says her daughter is a huge motivator. Because of her child, she is driven to be a symbol of strength and resilience.

“I want her to be able to see what a strong female is capable of accomplishing and that we are responsible for our outcomes, whether they are successes or failures,” said Davis. “We are always learning and growing.” 

Davis says nothing compares to getting a call or a text from a former student who updates her on their accomplishments. Her aim as an educator is to push students to live up to their potential.

Although she bears the title ‘director,’ she continues teaching the profession of polysomnography in the classroom, but shares the work load with instructor Rosdalyn Seymore. Davis particularly enjoys being able to educate. This simple aspect of her profession shows that she truly has a passion for healthcare and the sleep medicine field. She is also delighted to work for CCC.

“Coahoma is a family,” she expressed. “With a variety of backgrounds and diversity, we can come together to break bread or support others in need. One team, one goal.”

The Michigan-born Baltimore Ravens fan grew up near Baltimore, Maryland and was culture shocked when she moved to Clarksdale in 2000.

“No one could understand my fast talking,” she said. “I have adjusted just fine with my own southern accent.”

Davis said, “I am originally a Yankee but will forever be a southerner now!”

Realizing that it is quite easy to become a workaholic, she has learned to balance her work life and personal life by choosing to use her time wisely and remaining cognizant of the fact that she only has one chance to live her best life.

Davis serves as the president of the Mississippi Sleep Society, an organization for sleep study professionals. She is the youngest and only sister to four brothers. Her parents have been a huge support.

“It feels great to be recognized for doing a good job,” she said.

Winning employee of the month for the month of November is motivation for her to continue doing a great job, she said.

“There is only one Kristina Lynn Davis, and I intend on making a positive mark on this earth,” she added.


Robert Chambers Wins Staff Recognition for Employee of the Month

Robert ChambersRobert L. Chambers, a Building and Grounds worker for Coahoma Community College, once served as a pastor. He has even helped provide for the less fortunate in what some call ‘mission work.’ When he is not winning souls as an evangelist, he’s keeping things tidy and neat on the Coahoma Community College campus and at the off-campus Health Science locations.

Chambers proudly holds an 11-year tenure with Coahoma Community College.

“I take care of the responsibilities of what I’m chosen for, the buildings and the grounds,” he said. “And I get along with the directors, students and faculty as one family.”

Chambers attends St. James Church of God in Christ in Clarksdale and his pastor, Bishop Timothy Scott, is an admirable role model of his. Chambers truly believes Bishop Scott epitomizes the biblical verse, Psalm 37:23, which reads—The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He delights in his ways.

Another person he looks up to for guidance and training is Raymond Jordan, a coach and teacher.

“My prayer is ‘Lord please order my steps in your word,’” said Chambers.

He meditates on the well-known scripture John 3:16—For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life—to remind himself of God’s love. It helps him carry out his job duties confidently and successfully.

Chambers is a native of Clarksdale, Mississippi. He is married to Suzette Chambers and together they have three adult children: LaMarcus, Raymond and Arena Chambers.

The father of three said the former leaders of Coahoma Community College have left behind a legacy and the new leaders have the opportunity to make certain that the vision for a leading institution is implemented. Chambers cherishes the heartwarming moments that come with his job position.

“I enjoy the freedom that I have not only to work,” Chambers expressed, “but to mingle with the students and be an outreach person for them.”

“The people I’ve met here are very, very good people and they are really concerned about the students they’re teaching and working with,” he added.