Tigers remember instructor Pamela Tucker
CLARKSDALE – “You can’t look for love and acceptance where they don’t exist. It starts with self. Love you. That way, others have a great example to follow. #ThinkAboutIt #GodisFaithful”

Tigers remember instructor Pamela Tucker

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Thu Sep 14, 2017

CLARKSDALE – “You can’t look for love and acceptance where they don’t exist. It starts with self. Love you. That way, others have a great example to follow. #ThinkAboutIt #GodisFaithful”

That was the latest inspirational message Coahoma Community College Math Instructor Pamela Tucker had written for her students on the whiteboard of Room 101 in Whiteside Hall.

No one knew that it would also be her final one.

Tucker, of Rosedale, MS, passed away unexpectedly Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017.

She was 39.

“Every day she had a different quote. …They were always original and came from her heart,” said Tiger Ian Matthews of Benoit, MS who was a student in Tucker’s class for two semesters.

“She always knew what to say to brighten my day. She understood where I came from, and I will never forget the impact she had on my life.”

Miss CCC Tia Davis of Cleveland, MS said it was Tucker who inspired her to vie for the title.

“When I told her I was interested in it, she said ‘what are you waiting for’ and even volunteered to be my sponsor,” she said.

According to Davis, she will miss Tucker’s authentic personality the most.

“She was always encouraging students—even those who didn’t take her class would go to her for advice,” she said. “She was always so optimistic. She encouraged many students to stay in school and was a mother figure who gladly went above and beyond her job duty.

Matthews expressed a similar sentiment.

“She mothered two children, but really she had so many more,” he said. “She was the kind of instructor who cared. If you didn’t know her going into her class, you would certainly remember her by the time you left.”

CCC President Dr. Valmadge Towner said it “seems just like yesterday” that he met a friendly mother and son who were excited about joining Tiger Nation as an instructor and student-athlete respectively.

“It was Ms. Tucker and her son who were eager to join CCC,” said Towner. “Words are not sufficient to express the deep regret that we feel relative to Ms. Tucker's passing. She was passionate, kind, supportive, involved and focused on helping students have a beneficial journey.”

Colleagues remember Tucker as a dedicated instructor who had a genuine passion for teaching and helping others.

“Whenever we assigned her a task she would always jump right on it,” said CCC Science and Math Chair Patricia Furdge. “She was passionate about everything she did, and the students just adored her.”

The campus is deeply saddened by Tucker’s untimely death.

“We miss her, and the students are heart broken. …it has just been really hard for the entire campus,” Furdge said.

Towner said Tucker’s dedication to CCC did not go unnoticed.

“We are grateful and in debt to Ms. Tucker and her family for services and contributions given to the institution,” he said.

Tucker’s Celebration of Life will be held at noon Saturday, Sept. 16, at West Bolivar High School, located at 505 Main St. in Rosedale, MS.

A balloon release will be held in Tucker’s honor during CCC’s football game Thursday, Sept. 14.

A memorial has also been placed on Tucker’s classroom door, and Tigers have been leaving messages on it all week.

Some of them read:

“In the small time we spent together, you were my inspiration. I’ll miss you, my favorite teacher.”

“I will continue to make you proud, and I will always love you.”

“Thanks for your encouragement! Much love to you.”

As so eloquently stated in her final message, it’s clear Tucker’s life was a great example to follow indeed.

Read more inspirational messages left by Tucker on her blog: www.pameladtucker.com