Tony Gobar

The purpose of the Individualized Assessment and Comprehensive Community Intervention Initiative (IACCII) is to provide comprehensive strength-based needs assessments, individualized treatment plans and community-based services for certain youth who would otherwise be committed to training school. The IACCII ensures that youth and their families can access necessary services available in their home community.

The objectives of the program will be to:

1. To prevent IACCII eligible low-risk, low-need/high need youth from being committed to training school and requiring a higher level of supervision and services.

2. Provide an individualized, strength-based assessments and comprehensive community treatment plan for low-risk, low need youth which incorporate best practices principles and positive behavioral interventions.

3.  Divert IACCII eligible youth who are committed to the training schools to a community-based comprehensive strength-based program.

Director—Calvin McDonald

Funding source:  Mississippi Department of Human Services
Funding period:  October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018