The goal of DYS, Adolescent Evening Reporting Center (AERC) is to reduce the use of institutional-based care such as the detentions, Oakley Youth Development Center (OYDC), and residential treatment centers for juvenile offenders while providing additional services needed in the community and in the youth's home. AERC shall manage and facilitate both the supervision and the rehabilitative process of youthful offenders.

The Adolescent Evening Reporting Center (AERC) is based on the following objectives:

a)Provide community based intervention services to adjudicated delinquent offenders fourteen (14) to eighteen (18) years of age.

b)Provide alternatives to the Youth Court System caseload and supplement the supervision and services given by community and state agencies.

c)Provide community based supervision services to youth released from the Oakley Youth Development Center, (OYDC) to ensure a successful reintegration into their community.

d)Provide services in a balanced, coordinated, and comprehensive manner whether directly by the Provider or sub-contracted to a qualified community partner.

e)Provide services that safely divert youth from any further contact with the Juvenile Justice System and reintegrate them as responsible and productive citizens into the community through the development and use of community resources.

Director—Mrs. Chiquaisha Done Strong, (662) 621-4088

Funding source:  Mississippi Department of Human Services

Funding period:  October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016