Please join us on Friday, October 7 to enjoy a round of golf on one of the premier golf courses in the Mid-South, to benefit Coahoma Community College students.

The Cause

97% of the students enrolled in Coahoma Com­munity College will require some financial aid, compared with 78% nationally. Budgets are being squeezed, and financial aid to students is shrinking.

To date, the Morgan Freeman Scholarship Golf Tournament has, over the past five years, distrib­uted in excess of $150,000 to students that had no other source of financial assistance. Without these funds, students would not have been able to complete their curriculums.

Please join us on October 7 at Tunica National Golf and Tennis Club to support this very worthwhile event. If you wish to support us, but not play in the tournament, donations can be made to:  “The Morgan Freeman Scholarship Golf Tournament Fund.” 

Deadline to register is:  September 2, 2016

Register Today

Online Registration is now available for the 2016 Morgan Freeman Scholarship Golf Tournament.

Please register early. Registration deadline is September 2, 2016.