John Mayo

John Mayo

John Mayo


American Government Instructor
Social Science, Education, and Psychology
Whiteside Hall

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American Government Instructor, Social Science
Whiteside Hall 

John Mayo believes one must plan for a successful future.

“Set an end-of-life goal, establish objectives and timelines for achieving them, and adjust and respond to obstacles along the way,” said Mayo, an instructor in Coahoma Community College’s Department of Social Science, Education and Psychology.

Mayo teaches political science, American government and politics, and state and local government and politics courses—an area he’s qualified in both educationally and professionally.

Mayo received a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in political science and public administration from Mississippi State University. He has also pursued additional graduate studies at Delta State University. Mayo, a Vietnam veteran, served as Mayor of the City of Clarksdale for one term and is a former member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, serving three terms. In addition, Mayo is a former reporter for the Clarksdale Press Register newspaper and the former Public Relations Director for CCC.

As an instructor, Mayo’s aim is to reach students at every level.

“In my class I take students from where they are, with very little knowledge of government and politics, to where they should be­­—having an educated discussion on government and understand how it works in real life,” he said.

Mayo also encourages his students to ask questions.

“If you do not know, know where to look for the answer.  Realizing what you do not know and asking questions is intellectual pursuit.  Not making the effort to find the answer is ignorance,” he said.

Mayo enjoys reading non-fiction books on the development of government, politics, and power. His other favorite pastimes include camping and traveling, and he has taken numerous road trips, including to Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay (the furthest location North reachable by road) and to Key West (the furthest location South).

Mayo lives by the quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” and believes it is also suitable to interchange the term “country” with “fellow man”.