Barbara Boschert

Barbara Boschert

Barbara Boschert


Department Chair/History Instructor
Social Science
Whiteside Hall

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History Instructor, Social Science
Whiteside Hall 

Barbara Boschert, a history instructor at Coahoma Community College, believes that CCC’s greatest strength is its ability to academically prepare underprepared students for work or higher education. 

“For example, faculty on campus incorporate Reading Apprenticeship into the classroom.  This program not only increases reading comprehension, but also improves critical thinking skills,” Boschert explained. “In addition to reading skills, Coahoma focuses on developing writing and study skills to prepare students for the future.”

Boschert joined CCC in 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in history and political science and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Arkansas. Boschert also hold a master’s degree in History Education from Delta State University and is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership.  In 2004, the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards granted her national board certification to teach Social Studies to adolescents and young adults. She is also certified as a Master Teacher of Economics by the National Council of Economics Education.

In the classroom, Boschert strives to teach her students to think critically.

I want my students to learn how to critically examine the world around them and at the same time maintain the creativity necessary to find out-of-the box solutions to problems,” she said. “Learning about history forces us to shine a light on our own humanity.”
She also strives to set an example for her students in her everyday actions.

“I try to live by the Golden Rule,” she said. “I read once that students will forget what you say, but not how you made them feel.  I try to remember this in my daily interactions with students.”

Boschert’s favorite reads include The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and Absalom! Absalom! by William Faulkner.

She also enjoys canning vegetables from her garden and baking bread, cakes, and pies.

Boschert is motivated by these words from Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”