Angela Reynolds Haynes

Angela Reynolds-Haynes

Angela Reynolds

Angela Haynes

Biology Instructor
Math and Science
Whiteside Hall

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Biology Instructor, Math & Science
Whiteside Hall 
Extension: 4284

Angela Reynolds-Haynes, a science instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Science, believes that one of Coahoma Community College’s greatest strengths is the institution’s ability to accommodate a variety of students—both traditional and non-traditional.

“We offer evening, online, and GED courses, as well as other non-credited courses to provide options and meet the needs of our various adult learners,” said Haynes who joined CCC’s faculty in 2001.

“In many districts we offer transportation for students desiring to commute to campus.   We also offer evening classes in each of our districts for students that work or do not prefer to commute to the main campus.”

Haynes received a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 1997 from Alcorn State University, a master’s degree of Natural Science in Biology Education in 2000 from Delta State University and holds an AA Biology teacher certification.

Haynes uses her influence as a teacher to help broaden the horizons of her students. “I hope to impart knowledge but most importantly my goal is to encourage students to accept differences in others,” she said. “Being different should be looked upon as a strength instead of a weakness.  Learning to accept differences in others not only help students prepare for their future endeavors, it helps promote successful communities.  I incorporate many opportunities for students to use cooperative learning activities in and outside of the classroom to achieve this goal.”

In her personal life, Haynes relies on her faith in God to lead and direct her.

“My heavenly Father is my guiding source of inspiration. Therefore, I try to treat all people with compassion.” Haynes said.

An avid reader, Haynes lists Cindy Trimm’s Commanding Your Morning among her favorite works. She also enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music and shopping.

Haynes finds inspiration in this quote from Booker T. Washington:  “You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.”