Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention Program

I Can't

I can't tell you how I really feel. You'll just get mad and yell.
I can't do the things I really want. You cop an attitude.
I can't feel things the way I really do. It hurts too much.
I can't talk to you about my dreams. I had to give them up.
I can't cut or dye my hair with out you getting mad.
I can't be free to make my own choices, you don't like them.
I can't see the light; your darkness is too over-powering.
I can't live like I want, you criticize what I do.
I can't ask questions, you say I don't listen and ask “what kind of stupid question is that?”
I can't trust you not to break my heart; you've done it over and over.
I can't believe you anymore, you've lied too many times.
I can't say the things I want to, you say I'm nit-picking and we fight, more.
I can't rely on you, you are too irresponsible.
I can't be close to you; you just push me away with your words.
I can't make love to you; you leave me hanging.
I can't plan for the0 future; you only live in the present.
I can't have a life; yours is too busy.
I can't get ahead you spent all our money.
I can't parent because you undermine me.
I can't take a break or you'll call me lazy.
I can't help; you tell me I don't know what I'm doing.
I can't call you; your minutes are too low.
I can't drive my own car because you won't ride passenger.
I can't have an opinion, it will contradict yours.
I can't be right, because you're never wrong.
I can't cry. I'm tired of crying.
What can I do? Wear sunglasses?