The guidelines for using the logos and seal are as follows:

The official college logo must be on all printed or visual materials produced for the college. If you are ever in doubt about its use, please contact the Office of Communications at (662) 621-4157.

There are two acceptable formats for the logo: a horizontal (preferred) and vertical (or stacked) configuration. The logo was designed to be produced “as is” and should not be modified in any way. The office of communications must approve any deviation from these formats before production begins. If you do need to increase or decrease the size, please do so proportionately so as not to distort the file.

The logos should not be reproduced any smaller than 2 inches across (horizontal version) and no smaller than ¾” of an inch high (vertical version).

For the Coahoma Community College logo to stand alone, it always should be surrounded by open space. It is recommended that a distance of one-half the height of the logo be allowed to separate the logo from text, headlines, phrases or graphics that appear above or below it. Maintaining minimum clear spaces will keep the logo from looking crowded and wrongly linking it to other elements.

Logo color and font

A specific maroon color has been chosen for the logo as seal. It is the only approved color other than Black or White in which the logo may be reproduced. If printing in 4-color process, the process equivalent is C: 38 M: 93 Y: 84 K: 45. This hexadecimal code is provided for Internet color approximation #570A16 and the RGB decimal value is R: 87 G: 10 B: 22.

The font used for the logo is Trajan Pro.

Logo file types

For most applications (print and web) the files tagged .png will work very well. The files tagged .psd and .pdf are file types sometimes requested by third-party vendors and some printers. All of these file formats will work with graphics software programs such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop.

You will be able to DOWNLOAD and PLACE the logo files as a picture in your document. However, in order to OPEN these images you must have Adobe Photoshop or similar software. Most commercial vendors will have the capability to open and use these logos.

Athletic Logo

The athletics department uses a variation of the logo that includes a stylized tiger. It is the official symbol to represent the college’s athletics teams. The athletics logo should be used for athletics functions, brochures, and websites only.

Academic and Athletic Letterhead

Both the Academic and Athletic letterhead are available in Microsoft Word format. You will only need to insert the name of your department and change the phone number at the top of the document.