Greetings Coahoma Alumni

elackey.jpgIt is always an exciting thing to be able to embrace a new year.  With our best wishes, we sincerely hope that year"2016" will be prosperous, enjoyable, and enriching for you, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

I am very elated to share a few things we achieved last year in the Office of Alumni Affairs via the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders; 1) we have a working database, complete by classes to keep alumni informed of the wonderful things taking place at coahoma, 2) ... our 501(c)3 endorsement, and 3) the implementation of a two year strategic plan that addresses; increasing membership, branding, improving our financial position, and community presence.  Also, we now have tabs set up for you to conveniently pay membership dues, make contributions and donations online.  For membership dues; click on the membership tab to the left, once you complete the Membership Form-online, you will be prompted at the bottom of the form to SUBMIT, after that just follow the online instructions and choose your method of payment; if you choose to make a donation just click on the  DONATE tab to the right and follow the online instructions to make your donations.  Finally, if you choose you to mail in your contribution (s); download the Membership Form, print it, complete it and mail it in with your payment/donation. Thank you for your support!

Remember to sign-up to receive e-mail updates, and to be added to the database to stay informed on upcoming events, such as Homecoming and the President’s Gala. You will also receive recaps of press releases detailing the past events including sports updates, student activities, stories of academic success within our student body, and so much more!

Please, take a few minutes to go online at ( fill out our alumni relations information card so that you can stay in the loop on all the upgrades, changes and enhancements taking place at CCC.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (662) 621-4078 office, (662) 902-3629 school cell or if you like, you may email me at  Looking forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Institutionally yours,

Emanuel Lackey, Director
CCC Alumni Affairs