About Alumni Affairs



Coahoma Community College plays a vital role in the community in which it serves; while striving to develop, cultivate, and motivate all of its students; whether young or old as they learn how to reach their maximum potential so that they can become productive citizens and prepared to face a competitive and global society.  As stated in our Alma Mater the latter part of the second stanza; ".....Coahoma, Coahoma, thy sons are now arising to the great call men of courage, we shed thy light afar."

Since its existence, Coahoma has always afforded it graduates a place to come back to work and live a successful and engaging life. This is partly due to its strong heritage and rich history.  

Therefore, the Alumni Association of Coahoma Community College functions to develop and maintain communication with alumni and friends of the college. The unit is charged with keeping alumni informed of the goals, events, activities, accomplishments, and other pertinent information about the college as well as sharing information on other alumni and alumni chapters. 

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