Students' Rights and Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities

As a student at Coahoma Community College, you have a right to know:

  • the procedures and deadlines for applying for financial aid.
  • the costs of attendance.
  • the available programs of assistance.
  • how your financial need is determined.
  • the criteria used in awarding aid.
  • the type and amount of assistance for which you are eligible.
  • how and when aid will be disbursed.
  • the terms and conditions governing any aid you accept.
  • the requirements for continued eligibility.
  • whom to consult regarding your financial assistance.
  • the college's refund policy.

It is the student's responsibility to do the following:

  • complete applications accurately and on time.
  • provide requested documentation, verification, corrections, and additional information.
  • read and retain copies of all forms you sign.
  • register for the required number of hours each semester.
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of all resources received from outside sources.
  • know and comply with rules governing any aid you receive.
  • maintain up-to-date address and telephone information with the Registrar's Office.