Refund Policy

If a class fails to develop or is terminated by order of the administration, all fees assessed and paid will be refunded. Otherwise, only a portion of matriculation fees will be refunded.

No refund of student fees will be made unless the student officially withdraws at the OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS. All refunds will be calculated on the following schedule.

Fall/Spring Term:
First Weeek of Classes - 90%
Second Week of Classes - 75%
Third Week of Classes - 50%

Summer Term:
First Week of Classes - 90%
Second Week of Classes - 0%

Refunds of Pell Grant/other Federal and State Grants and all other gift aid will begin at mid-point (usually the 9th week) of each semester.

ENROLLMENT LEVEL (FULL-TIME/HALF-TIME) and CLASS ATTENDANCE have a direct affect on grant and scholarship awards. In turn, the enrollment level and class attendance will have an affect on the refund amount. Class withdrawals affect enrollment level and refunds.

If a student withdraws from part of his/her schedule, a recalculation of all financial aid and refunds may be necessary. If a student withdraws from all classes, financial aid will be recalculated, refunds will be adjusted or canceled, and a repayment of Federal and State funds may be necessary. The immediate repayment of FEDERAL GRANT MONIES is a possibility when students withdraw completely or drop out.