President's Message

Welcome to Coahoma Community College (Coahoma), located four miles north of the city of Clarksdale.  Whether you are visiting for the first time as a prospective student or checking in on us as one of our active alumni, I trust you will find these pages of information and ideas reflective our deep commitment to intellectual achievement in service to our city, five counties and beyond. 

I first came to this campus as a student more than two decades ago and discovered for myself the breadth of excellence in teaching and scholarship that marks our great college. Being back here for my third year of service as president, I have found that diversity and quality of intellectual pursuit still defines Coahoma today. 

As a community college, we confront the forces in our everyday lives from technological developments that enable us to communicate with one another at lightning speed to the daily experiences that shape us; the spread of climate change; and the ever-increasing interdependence of disparate nations and cultures. 

I believe Coahoma is suited to respond to the challenges of this new era. Our tradition of academic excellence has given us the foundation and confidence to reach for new and unimaginable knowledge, while the diversity of our College community makes it possible for students, faculty, alumni, and neighbors to interact with — and thus be transformed by — the multiplicity of human perspectives. 

At the same time, our location in the historically rich Mississippi Delta offers us a unique laboratory in which to study, attract and learn from the remarkable people who make the Mississippi Delta home and, in doing so, fulfill our responsibilities as active, engaged citizens. 

I hope you find Coahoma as exciting and enriching a place as I do. This is a place that respects ideas, values diversity of thought and experience and, perhaps most importantly, recognizes that what defines great scholarship is not the easy acceptance of what we already know, but the relentless determination to discover what we still have to learn.  

Thank you for another remarkable year.  

Valmadge T. Towner, Ph.D.